Besides the working groups, Archaeopteryx also has five committees. These are in charge of organising other, (mainly larger) activities than the regular lectures, workshops and excursions. Examples of these activities are the yearly symposium and our foreign excursion.


The five committees of Archaeopteryx:

- Symposium committee

- Information market committee

- Master's committee

- Foreign excursion committee

- Sandwich committee

Symposium committee

The symposium committee organises our annual symposium. At the moment, the committee is still brainstorming about an interesting topic for the upcoming symposium. The exact date for the symposium in 2020 has not been set yet.


Current members:

- Mara Brandt (Chairwoman)

- Anne Poelstra
- Annika Stokvis
- Fianne Ketelaars
- Immelie Coenen Morales 
- Naomi Pruijssers



Information market committee

Every year, Archaeopteryx organises an information market at the start of October, which is always very well attended by students. Our goal is to introduce students to various exotic animals which are seen more and more in general animal practice. Think of tarantulas, scorpions, macaws, rats, snakes, donkeys and rodents. The exact date of the information market in 2020 has not yet been set. 

Members of 2019:

- Sarona Berkouwer (chariwoman)

- Jade van den Brakel

- Kayli Hurkens

- Femke Buffing

- Bente Hoogervorst

- Louise Kors

- Nynke Schuur



Master's committee

Since the content of most activities is often aimed at undergraduate students, we sometimes miss details and challenges for Master's students. Because of this reason, we set up a Master's committee to organise lectures, workshops and excursions especially for Master's students.   


Current members:

- Hannah Spaander (Chairwoman)

- Jolien Kuis

- Marijn Silbermann

- Simone Goedemans

- Myrna van der Plas

- Tessa Langelaar

- Leanne Kosterink

- Linda Smolders 

- Sabine Baerts

- Anne van Beest



Foreign excursion committee

Once every year, Archaeopteryx organises a foreign excursion to a city somewhere in Europe.  During the excursion we will visit some veterinary relevant places like the local zoo and veterinary University, but we will also have lots of time to do other activities like attending pub crawls and exploring the city. The next foreign excursion will take place around March 2020. The location will be Budapest!


Current group members:

- Thijs Cliteur (Chairman)

- Nicole Kroeze
- Ramona ter Maat
- Bente Hoogervorst
- Martin Vegh
- Michelle Boonstra
- Inge van Heumen
- Alex Ockhuizen



Sandwich committee

Because studying can be very hard, students also need lots of time to relax. And what can be better than enjoying a nice grilled cheese sandwich during your break? The sandwich committee fulfils this need and makes delicious sandwiches for a reasonable price. Our food is very popular among students and they enjoy their sandwiches in our comfy break room.


Current members:

- Elja Jeunink (Chairwoman)

- Inge van Heumen
- Annika Stokvis
- Liora Jongerius
- Yoni Veldhuis
- Nika van Wieringen
- Sascha Jansen
- Lidewei de Boer
- Meike Brouwers

Audit committee

During an ALV or a HLV the treasurer will present a document in which the estimated expenses are written. The audit comittee will check this document before it is presented at the ALV or HLV to help the treasurer correct mistakes.

Current members:

- Jolien Kuis

- Linda Smolders

- Amy Zijdenbos

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