Working groups

A working group organises lectures, excursions and workshops to extend the knowledge about different groups of exotic animals. It all starts with an idea for an activity. Members of the working group tell the others their ideas and will search for the right lecturer, that can tell us more about the specific object. Working group members will thus influence the activities of Archaeopteryx. It is an ideal way to establish a network of different veterinary connections in the world of exotic animals! Members also write for our magazine, the Archaeopteryx Veterinaris (AV).

Archaeopteryx consists of five working groups:

- Wildlife working group

- Terrarium animal working group

- Aquafauna working group

- Birds working group

- Rabbits, rodents and ferrets (RRF) working group


This working group organises all activities regarding wildlife in the broadest sense. With wildlife we mean both foxes and deer in your backyard, as well as big cats in Africa or giant panda's in Asia. Because of the great success, there are several activities that come back every year, including excursions to a camel dairy farm and different zoos, behaviour lectures and a workshop shooting with tranquillizer guns.

Current group members

- Elja Jeunink (Chairwoman)

- Zelie Hofman
- Margot Kouwenberg
- Coco Walch
- Suzan van Leeuwen
- Caroline Hoogeveen
- Savanna Rullens
- Susanne Muis
- Robin Evers
- Helene Kuijper
- Timo Westdorp

Terrarium animals

This working group gives students the opportunity to delve into the knowledge about reptiles, amphibians, insects and other arthropods. In general, terrarium animals are seen as scary little creatures, while these animals can be very interesting. By teaching people more about these fascinating animals we hope to reduce this anxiety.

Current group members

- Thijs Cliteur (Chairman)

- Sigrid Jager
- Lisanne Kappert
- Marilijn van Rumpt
- Raquel van Velzen
- Joshua Bom
- Michelle Boonstra
- Anouk Veldhuizen
- Inge van Heumen
- Maartje mooijman

- Doortje van Reekum


The Aquafauna working group organises lectures and excursions regarding to all living animals in our oceans, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. We discuss sharks, whales and exotic fish and also marine mammals that live a bit closer by, such as the seal. A well known activity is the annually recurring excursion to Europe's largest marine mammal park, the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk.

Current group members

- Rens Lindeboom (Chairman)

- Marloes van Wijngaarden
- Myrna Mulder
- Thijs Cliteur
- Nadia Lahaye
- Meike van Leerdam
- Danielle Maris
- Sophie Binnerts
- Guus Hulshof
- Carlijn Veenstra
- Denise Blok



As the name suggests, the bird working group is in charge of activities including all kinds of birds. From fun chickens to the most beautiful birds-of-paradise, every bird is welcome. Every year, there is a huge diversity in organised lectures and workshops but there is one activity that keeps coming back due to its success. This is the well known avian first aid practical course, which by now is even organised twice a year.


Current group members

Hannah Spaander (Chairwoman)

- Thomas Ploegers

- Denise Langreder

- Quinten Nijenhuis

- Lisa van der Staay

- Mirthe de Groot

- Moniek Raadsen

- Rianne Dekker

- Ursula Bergwerff

- Kayli Hurkens

- Nora Wingelaar 



Rabbits, Rodents and Ferrets (RRF)

The RRF is an abbreviation for the working group that organises several activities concerning rabbits, rodents and ferrets. Rabbits and rodents are particularly known to be “easy to keep pets” resulting in the fact that children are often the ones that care for them which could lead to problems concerning their care. Examples of activities that have been organised in the past are: behaviour and dental lectures, an evening dedicated to several cases that have occurred in the veterinary practice, a rats-neutralization practical and a RRF first aid course.


Current group members 

- Cindy Wijsman (Chairman)

- Jolien Kuis

- Ineke Kalkman

- Babeth van Loon

- Sandra de Jong

- Liora Jongerius

- Sarona Berkouwer

- Josje Krasenberg

- Leanne Kosterink 

- Femke Meijer

- Meike Brouwers